Meet our 250 club member Taylor!

Take a look at the guy with the killer mustache in the picture below.
His name is Taylor.

He’s goofy, spontaneous, hard working, a member of the 250 class club, and a new dad!

Taylor has been letting his presence be known at Fit2Live since 2018.

He shows up, works hard and adds a whole other layer of fun and laughter when he is in class.

Taylor realizes the importance of functional fitness in his life.

It gives him the ability to play infinite rounds of golf, balance out his late night Magic the Gathering binges and now gives him the ability to keep up with his new born baby in all hours of the night.

Taylor has invested in his health and fitness for almost 6 years now.

He has more strength, endurance, coordination, energy, and muscle. We are still working on the flexibility component .


Some words from Taylor:

Fit2Live is an excellent place for all skill levels, a fun environment where fitness is the goal but fun is had along the way. I’ve been going to Fit2Live for 6 years now and have had nothing but an excellent experience!


Are you ready to take that first step at Fit2Live just like Taylor did in 2018?

Are you ready to laugh with Taylor in class while also working on your health and fitness?

We’ll be waiting to start your fitness journey with us soon… will Taylor!

Just schedule a free no sweat intro consultation with us HERE.


Next up: Meet Mark, our 750 class club member.



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