*7 minutes to complete the following:
25m skip forward, 25m skip backwards, 700m run, 5 inch worm + 2 push-ups, 5 Front scale + back scale each leg, 10 hollow body rocks, 5 strict pull-ups, 15 wall squats, figure 4/Wall Drill (5 each leg then jogging against wall)

Watch the Standard Warm-Up Video Here


Week #6 Running:

-1200m run

-2 minutes rest

-800m run

-90 seconds rest

-400m run

Aim for (10-15% faster than 1 mile time)


Every 3 minutes complete the following x 4 rounds

30 Double-Unders

20 Swings (16/24kg)

10 Strict Dips

Stimulus Goal:

Why Do This Workout? Improve your aerobic conditioning, glute and posterior strength, and upper body pushing strength. 

Duration and Feel: You will have 3 minutes to complete the exercises. for each round. You should be getting at least 30 seconds of rest during this workout, so modify accordingly to make sure you are getting at least 30 seconds rest. 

KB Weight: Should feel moderate-heavy but still allow you to go unbroken.

Specific warm-up focus: DB complex overview and practice, ankles, double-under practice

Scaling Options: Lighter weight on KB, Mix in doubles and singles for double under reps. Strict dips start with rings, then dip bar, then parallette dips with feet elevated, then parallette dips with feet on the ground.