HSPU Skill Work and 5 Rounds of Intervals

Standard warm up, 8 Minutes to complete:
400m Run/Row or 1000m Bike, 5 forward PVC Rollouts, 5 reverse PVC rollouts, 15 PVC Overhead Squats, 5 Inch Worms + 2 Shoulder Taps at top and bottom, 20 Seal Jumping Jacks, 5 Piked Push-Ups, 5 Strict Chin-Ups, 15 second hollow body hold, 15 second arch body hold,  practice kicking up to handstand in remaining time

Warm up link here


HSPU Skill Work Week #2

Intervals 30/15 intervals x4 rounds:

  • -Conan Walks (switch halfway) (in piked position on box, walk circles around the box with the arms)
  • -Hollow body hold
  • -Piked push-Ups
  • -Kick to wall + 5 second hold (should get 2-3 in each 30 second interval)


5 Rounds of 60/30 intervals (clock set at #1)

Max effort in each minute of work

  • -60 Second Max Calorie Bike
  • 30 Seconds rest
  • -60 Second Max 10m Shuttle runs
  • 30 Seconds rest
  • -60 Second Max Calorie Row
  • 30 Seconds rest

*Bikes on one end of floor, shuttle runs in the middle, rowing on far end of floor


Stimulus Goal:

Why Do This Workout?  Increase your shoulder work capacity and strength. Also increase your sprint capacity.

Duration and Feel: The Durations are programmed as it is timed intervals. You will experience a lot of muscular burning in this workout. Buckle up. Go hard and do the best you can during the work periods. Simple, but not easy. 

Specific warm-up focus: The standard warm up and workout will prep your movement as needed. It’s recommended to do some personalized stretching and foam rolling before class if needed.

Scaling Options: Push up instead of piked push ups. Wall walk instead of kicking to wall. Conan walks with feet on ground if needed. 



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