How Mike Stays Fit While Traveling

This is Mike.

Mike has been showing up at Fit2Live since he decided to make a lifestyle change to balance out his crazy work schedule in December of 2022.

He knew he needed work with his healthy habits outside of the gym and his consistency with his fitness inside of the gym so he got to work with Coach EJ doing nutrition and wellness coaching.

He knew he needed coaches in his corner to teach him how to move efficiently and to slowly build up his fitness, to lay a solid foundation in movement for the rest of his life….so he started with 1-on-1 personal training and graduated to group classes when he felt ready to take that step.

Mike has a permanent smile on his face, especially when he is in his happy place at Fit2Live.

Mike travels, A LOT.

Even with his monthly travel schedule he finds a way to stay on track.

He’s layered in nutrition and wellness coaching to keep him consistent and accountable while on the road.

When he’s in town, he’s at Fit2Live every chance he gets because he knows he’s got a family of coaches and members who are ready to pump him up and keep him on track.

While he’s traveling, he’s doing the best he can in his limited time with bodyweight workouts and doing what Coach EJ tells him with his healthy habits.

Mike has been so consistent when he’s in town that he has made the 100 class club and gotten a sweet shirt to show for it.

Since he joined us in December of 2022 he’s put on lean muscle, lost bodyfat, gained strength, energy and functional fitness which has made him a better leader in his day job and helped him to keep up with his crazy hours when he is on the road.

Here’s what Mike has to say about his Fit2Live journey so far:
Fit2Live has been the greatest gym that I have ever belonged to. I joined knowing that I needed a fitness and wellness change, but I had 0 experience with CrossFit. What I found was more than a gym, but a community with world class coaches and classmates. Each Coach has brought massive value to me personally both in and outside of the gym in areas of physical fitness, nutrition, and mental well-being. It doesn’t matter where you are going into this gym, you will leave a better version of yourself!

Mike knew he needed to make a change to balance out his work/life schedule and he found a way.

He enlisted the help of coaches to keep him on track and hold him accountable and he surrounds himself with members who are doing it on a weekly basis.

We changed Mike’s life for the better because he made that tough decision to get started and to seek help.

You too can take that first step like Mike did!

We can help you stay on track when work gets crazy or you’re traveling around the country.

Just schedule a free consultation with us RIGHT HERE to start your journey at Fit2Live.

Hope to see you soon!




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