How Fit2Live Members Stay Fit

The hardest part about exercise and nutrition isn’t knowing what to do.

That’s pretty easy: you can buy a magazine or subscribe to an app or search YouTube.

The hardest part is showing up.

We procrastinate. With all day to do stuff, we say “I’ll do it later”–and get less done than ever before.

We wait for the perfect time–even though the perfect time was yesterday.

We know too much and do too little–we can argue about why sit-ups are bad, but we can’t do a single one.

We try to find the perfect workout–even though there isn’t one.

We buy stuff for our basement–and then sell it cheap the next year.

I’m guilty too. I’m guilty of all of it.

What gets our members sustainable fitness results at Fit2Live?

It’s not our hardcore attitude (we are pretty sociable and down to earth) or our genetics or our extreme passion for feeling uncomfortable (I think most of our natural tendencies are to seek comfort).

It’s this text from one member to another:

“Hey, I’ll be at noon class today. You coming?” “Want to be my partner”?

Or this one from a Coach to a member:

“You coming to do some deadlifts today?” “You did great last deadlift day and this one is right up your alley”.

Or another example from our Client Success Manager keeping our members on track:

“Hey, we haven’t seen you at Fit2Live in 10 days, how are you doing? Is there anything we can help you out with to get you back into the gym”

We care about our members and want to keep them on track at all costs.

That’s why we have a Client Success Manager who’s goal is to make sure members show up to Fit2Live consistently, have a great time and stay on track with their goals.

Or how about this one:

“That workout this morning was so fun and hard, are you going to give it a go later today?” from a 6am member to a noon member.

More than anything else, that’s what keeps us fit.

Our coaches and workout buddies checking in on us, supporting us and holding us all accountable to our goals.

Ok one more example: for our members working with a Nutrition and Wellness Coach they can expect to see this:

“Hey, happy Sunday. I see you didn’t enter your healthy habits for Friday or Saturday – what’s going on?”

If you respond and say you’ve been sick, busy or on a bender all weekend she might respond with: “OK, drink a glass of water every time you take an antibiotic, and eat eggs for dinner with extra salt.”

You get the idea, the things that keep us healthy and fit aren’t temporary fads or magic pills or commercialized workout programs.

It’s not the bikes in our garages.
It’s not the 30 day get shredded online program.

It’s not the temporary motivation in our heads.
It’s not the equipment in your home gym collecting dust.

It’s not the fad diet or magic pills.

It’s the support systems we have in place and the accounta-billi buddies we have at Fit2Live in the form of our coaches and awesome community.

We built Fit2Live to give people in Ann Arbor the value of all of this coaching, equipment, and buddy-support.

The coaches are incredible; the equipment is top-notch. But the REAL value is in the other people in the gym.

If you’re nervous, we’ll help you.

If you do something for the first time, we’ll celebrate with you.

If you don’t show up, we’ll call you.

You don’t have to buy preworkout drinks or listen to “pump-up music” or slap yourself in the face to work out at Fit2Live.

The motivation is built in: expert coaching, fun workouts, sustainable results, and great people doing hard things and supporting you along the way.

Are you ready to be more fit now than you were when you were 17?





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