How Dora Keeps Up With Her Kids

This is Dora.

That awesome woman in the middle with a gray 100 class t-shirt.

She is a busy mom of two who needs plenty of functional fitness to keep up with her kiddos.

Dora started her Fit2Live journey in May of 2022.

She knew she needed to take control of her health but wasn’t sure where to start.

She also knew she needed some coaches and a support system.

She found Fit2Live and made the decision to book a free consultation with us.

During Dora’s consultation we discussed her goals and where she was at with her fitness. We started Dora in our foundations program and appropriately ramped up her fitness with 1-on-1 sessions.

Fast forward 14 months later and she is now a proud member of the 100 class club and has found quite the community of supportive coaches and members to keep her consistently showing up, working hard, and having fun at Fit2Live.

The picture above says 1000 words of who she is surrounded by each and everyday she shows up to Fit2Live.

She has plenty of coaches and members who support and encourage her to be the best version of herself day in and day out.

Dora also happens to have the #1 rated chocolate chip cookie recipe online and has found a way to balance out all of that yummy goodness!

She is a busy mom who still finds ways to show up to Fit2Live for the best hour of her day.

Check out these words from Dora on her Fit2Live journey so far:

“I have been so thankful for my time at Fit2Live. What I needed was accountability and Fit2Live has been that for me. I see the same ladies in the morning and they have since become the people I look forward to seeing in the morning to spur me on. I have felt a huge improvement in my health and excited to come to class each day and attempt things I have never done before!”

You too can take control of your health and fitness just like Dora did.

You just have to make that tough decision to get help and to take action.

We try to make getting started as easy as possible, just book a free consultation with us to see how we can help you!


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