Have you ever heard of a growth mindset?

Have you ever heard of a Growth Mindset?

When working with a nutrition coach at Fit2Live we don’t solely focus on food. We know that in order to focus on your health and wellness that includes much more than just food!

So here we are to talk about a growth mindset! Having a growth mindset means that you look for opportunity instead of failure, you are willing to try new things, and you talk to yourself in a way that is encouraging, not shameful.

When people have a growth mindset- their success SKYROCKETS!!

So– let me give you ONE tip to use— swap your words (thoughts). Here are a few examples!

Instead of saying: Try saying:
 “ I can’t do this” ——-> “I’m still learning, I’ll keep trying!”
“This is too hard”——->  “I love a challenge”
“I give up”——->  “Next time I’ll try a different way”

When it comes to health and wellness it is important to focus on the ENTIRE picture and by making one small adjustment to your words (or thoughts) you can achieve anything you are willing to work for!

If you are looking for someone to help you focus on the entire picture to make lifelong changes- I can help!

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