*7 minutes to complete the following:
25m skip forward, 25m skip backwards, 400m run, 5 inch worm + 2 push-ups, 5 Front scale + back scale each leg, 10 hollow body rocks, 5 strict pull-ups, 15 wall squats, figure 4/Wall Drill (5 each leg then jogging against wall)

Watch the Standard Warm-Up Video Here


Gymnastics INTERVALS!

30/15 x 6 rounds (down the list) (30 minutes total)

  • -Handstand Hold
  • -Hollow Body Hold
  • -Superman Hold
  • -Pull-Up Bar Hang (active shoulders, thumbs wrapped)
  • -Plank variation hold of your choice
  • -Wall Sit

Stimulus Goal:

Why Do This Workout?  To recover while also fine tuning your core and gymnastics skills. 

Duration and Feel: Long but low intensity. You should be breathing a little bit, but probably feeling a little more muscle burn than breathing. For each movement, try to pick a modification that allows you to either do the hold for the entire 30 seconds, or maybe break up the movement just one time for the 30 seconds of work.

Specific warm-up focus and scaling: Show the class what an active core and active shoulders looks like. Show how to scale if they can’t maintain active core or active shoulders. Hanging from the bar can be modified by breaking up more often during the 30 seconds or putting toes on the ground to lighten the load.