New Standard Warm-Up:
5 Dead bugs each side 5 Prone Angels 5 PVC Forward Rollouts 5 PVC Reverse Rollouts 10 Alternating World’s Greatest Stretch Rotations 5x Inch Worm + Push-Up + Squat to Hamstring Stretch 400m Row 10 Alternating Side Lunges 15 Overhead Squats Burpeese in remaining time!

Watch the Standard Warm-Up Video Here


Workout Brief

Grace then Annie:

30 clean and jerks for time (95/135)



  • Double unders
  • Sit ups


The clean and jerks are to be power cleans and push jerks.  The goal is to finish the “Grace” part under 6 minutes.  Really fit members will get this done quickly.  Members should choose a weight that allows them to meet this goal.  The Annie workout with double unders and sit ups should take people 10 minutes or less.  Modify the jumps ropes to allow this goal to happen.  Sit ups will take a lot of time here.  If people can’t do double unders, they should do high jump singles and some double unders mixed in every 10 high jump singles.  People with ankle injuries can do small singles as needed. 

At home:  Do 30 HANG power clean and jerks EACH ARM.  Split up however you want.  It’s fair to have people at home with lighter weights double the reps.  It’s also fair to have people at home do hang instead of from the floor so they don’t have to do double the bending.  Do Annie as written, replace jump ropes with penguin taps or jumping jacks if need be.