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New Standard Warm-Up:
5 Dead bugs each side 5 Prone Angels 5 PVC Forward Rollouts 5 PVC Reverse Rollouts 10 Alternating World’s Greatest Stretch Rotations 5x Inch Worm + Push-Up + Squat to Hamstring Stretch 400m Row 10 Alternating Side Lunges 15 Overhead Squats Burpeese in remaining time!

Watch the Standard Warm-Up Video Here


Workout Brief

  • 6-5-4-3-2-1 of: Hang power snatch (65/95lbs)
  • 12-10-8-6-4-2 of: Box Jumps (20/24″)

2 Minutes rest then:

  • 6-5-4-3-2-1 of: Overhead Squats (65/95lbs)
  • 60-50-40-30-20-10 of: Double-Unders

Stimulus Goal:

Why Do This Workout?

Snatches and box jumps and overhead squats and double-unders oh my! 

You will have incredible hip extension and power after completing this workout. Sound hip function is crucial in life as the hips are the support and generator of all human movement. Without it, immobility and decrepitude will set in fast. It’s all about the hips, bout the hips, not arms ;). 

This workout will improve all things hip function and power with some fitness on top!

Duration and Feel: Between 12-16 minutes. Try to go unbroken on all barbell sets today. Chip away and keep moving on the box jumps and double-unders, fight the lung burn! This one will feel like a 1.5 mile run with some shoulders and hips on top!

Barbell Weight: Should feel moderate on snatches and overhead squats, a weight you could do 12-15 unbroken hang power snatches and overhead squats. You should be able to go unbroken on all sets today.

Specific warm-up focus: Snatch, overhead squat and jumping warm-up!

Scaling Options: Lighter weight on barbell, lower height on box jumps, power jump singles or single-unders for double-unders.

At Home Options: Do single arm dumbbell hang power snatches each arm. Invisible box jumps if nothing to jump on safely. Find a light object to do overhead squats with if your DB or KB is too heavy. Invisible double-under jumps if no rope.



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