For kids looking to get off the couch, move their body and have fun doing it!

At Fit2Live, we create an inclusive environment that accommodates kids of all skill levels. We believe that fitness should be fun, safe and sustainable. Modifications and scaling will be utilized to give your youth the best, safest and most fun workout every time they are at Fit2Live.

Safety is our number one concern. Our goal is to lead, inspire and instruct your youngster to more health and fitness with a starting point designed to meet them where they are at currently.

We’re here to build them up, not break them down.

Benefits of our kids programs include:

*Learn basic strength training movements.
*Build confidence with your abilities and body.
*Develop proper movement patterns.
*Increase work capacity for hard work.
*Boost overall confidence and self esteem.
*Indoor and outdoor movement based games for added fun.
*Develop team building skills.

My kiddos both immediately voiced that they wanted to come back to this camp above all the others they did last year. -Laurel Noel

My son really really enjoyed the Fit2Live summer camps. Coach Lucy gave him some confidence in being able to do athletics that he’s been really needing. -Eric Foldenauer

Cole really liked coming last year, be week of his summer! -JT Sangsland