*7 minutes to complete the following:
25m skip forward, 25m skip backwards, 700m run, 5 inch worm + 2 push-ups, 5 Front scale + back scale each leg, 10 hollow body rocks, 5 strict pull-ups, 15 wall squats, figure 4/Wall Drill (5 each leg then jogging against wall)

Watch the Standard Warm-Up Video Here


Running intervals: EMOM 10 of:

  • Min 1: 1 10m shuttle run
  • Min 2: 2 10m shuttle runs 
  • Min 3: 3 10m shuttle runs 
    Min 4 is 4 runs, and so on until 10 runs on minute 10. Down and back = 1 shuttle run. 


EMOM 10 of:

  • 3 Strict Chin-Ups, 10 Wall Balls (14/20)

Stimulus Goal:

Why Do This Workout?

Work on your lower body explosiveness and your upper body raw strength.

Duration and Feel: It should be a little tough to get everything done in the minute, but it should be manageable to get it all done for the EMOM 10. You should have about 15 seconds left in the tank. The chin ups should be unbroken but make sure you are hitting a full range of motion and use a challenging variation. The wall balls should be unbroken too. 

Specific warm-up focus: Warm the lats up for the chin ups, and the hips and legs up for the wall balls.

Scaling Options: Lighter weight on wall ball. For chin ups do banded chin ups, or ring rows. Feel free to add a weight between your feet if you’re chin up game is strong.