6 Strategies For Eating Healthy On A Budget

6 Strategies for eating healthy on a budget:

Eating at home, actually preparing your food, is the best way to eat healthy.

You can choose what goes into the meals you prepare and therefore you can make better choices about how you fuel your body.

Check out our 6 strategies below for eating healthy on a budget!


Strategy 1: Focus on whole foods and stay away from food products and highly processed foods.

*Whole foods provide our body with nutrients and keep us satisfied longer.

*Processed foods have low nutritional value and are linked to chronic disease.

*Stick to the perimeter of the grocery store.

Strategy 2: Shop what is in season and watch for sales.

*Purchasing ready-to-eat foods is more costly than purchasing the whole food ingredients to make it at home.

*Look over the weekly grocery ad for specials and sales.

Strategy 3: Make it from scratch.

*Have a list of 10-15 recipes that are easy and healthy that you can make your weekly meal plan from and try 1-2 new recipes a month.

*Create your own smoothies, dressings, marinades, sauces, and soups.

Strategy 4: Meal prep

*Plan ahead and think about prepping for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to save time and money.

*Use 3 compartment containers to keep portion sizes consistent.

Strategy 5: Minimize food waste.

*Check your fridge and pantry before you go to the store and utilize your freezer for leftovers and items that you purchased in bulk.

*Plan out your weekly meals: inventory your refrigerator and pantry before shopping.

Strategy 6: Cook in bulk

*Use the same staple in different ways.

Ex: pulled chicken=tacos, salad, stuffed sweet potato.

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