21.1 Open workout!!

Today’s WOD (Workout Of the Day) at Joust Strength + Fitness Ann Arbor, MI


New Standard Warm-Up:
5 Dead bugs each side 5 Prone Angels 5 PVC Forward Rollouts 5 PVC Reverse Rollouts 10 Alternating World’s Greatest Stretch Rotations 5x Inch Worm + Push-Up + Squat to Hamstring Stretch 400m Row 10 Alternating Side Lunges 15 Overhead Squats Burpeese in remaining time!

Watch the Standard Warm-Up Video Here



Workout video brief


Open 21.1 Workout! (Scale as you would a regular workout) 

With a 15 minute time cap complete as much of the following as possible:

1 wall walk
10 double-unders
3 wall walks
30 double-unders
6 wall walks
60 double-unders
9 wall walks
90 double-unders
15 wall walks
150 double-unders
21 wall walks
210 double-unders

Time cap: 15 min.

Stimulus Goal:

Why Do This Workout?

To have fun and test your fitness with the rest of the CrossFit world. To test your fitness against where you were in a previous year. To identify your areas for opportunity to get 1% better than you were yesterday!

Volume and Feel: Try to make it to the round of 21 wall walks and chip away, maybe 210 double-unders if your shoulders can handle it. Be smart on this one and don’t go so fast on the wall walks that you risk a shoulder, back and EGO injury. A nice consistently steady pace will get you far in this workout and keep you healthy. This one will get your heart rate up quickly and will keep it there, try to hang on. Minimize the transition rest in between each wall walk, try to touch and go on the smaller sets if possible. AND HAVE FUN!

Specific warm-up focus: All the ankle and shoulder warm-up activities!

Scaling Options: Cut down range of motion on wall walks if shoulder and midline stability are lost. Inch worms in place of wall walks if no wall walk. Power jump singles if no double-unders. Single-unders if no power jumps.

If no rope, do lateral hops over a line or do invisible double unders


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